Home Delivery

If you live within our service area and have physical difficulties, disabilities, medical conditions, or other barriers that prevent you from coming into the walk-in food bank, and do not have someone to shop on your behalf, we offer a home delivery program.

Every Wednesday we close the walk-in food bank to pack and deliver boxes filled with groceries to 200 households. Teams of friendly, food bank volunteers bring you a box of groceries to help meet your nutritional needs for the week. While we provide a greater selection of food during our walk-in food bank, we will still work to get you the food that is appropriate for your needs and preferences.

Interested in learning more and determining whether you might be eligible? Please call Anya in our office. She can answer any questions you have and can walk you through our application process. We can only offer home delivery to residents of the following zip codes: 98102, 98103, 98105, 98112, 98115, and 98125.

If you live outside of Northeast Seattle, please call the Community Information Line (2-1-1) and they can help you find a home delivery program for your area.

“The food I receive through Home Delivery has been really helpful in rounding out my weekly groceries, and has made a big difference in my diet. The extra produce has made me get creative with my cooking. Now I make a lot of soups and stews, and started putting greens in my smoothies.”

Will Home Delivery Customer

Current Home Delivery Customers...

Are you an existing home delivery customer? Do you want to update your food preferences to better meet your needs? Use this form to make your changes known.

Please remember that we will do our best to honor your preferences, but we might not have every item you request.