Staff and Board

We are proud of the staff and volunteers who help guide our work in the community.


Abby Herrick (she/they)

Program Coordinator - Satellite Pantries

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Bill Lowie (he/him)

Assistant Director

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Christine Bagley (she/her)

Development Coordinator

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David Mills (he/him)

Operations Support Specialist

Holly Johnson (she/her)


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Jason Phillipi (he/him)


Liz Benko (she/her)

Program Coordinator - Packs for Kids

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Makayla Day (she/her)


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Max Boutwell Draper

Grocer Rescue Assistant

Molly Deal (she/her)

Program Coordinator - Home Delivery

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Sam Plascencia (he/him)

Community Connector

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Shanelle Donaldson (she/her)

Rooftop Roots Farm Manager

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Arra Ebersten (she/her)

Cafe Coordinator

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Cameron Van Horn (she/her)

FOH Lead

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Claire Sanchez (she/her)

Pantry Assistant

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Eric Wirkman (he/him)

Grocery Rescue Manager

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Jak McKool (he/him)

Warehouse Manager

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Joe Gruber (he/him)

Executive Director

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Kirsten Ourada (they/them)

Pantry Assistant

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Margot Kirby (she/her)


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Max Vumbaca (he/him)

Pantry Assistant

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Paul Yunker (he/him)

Director of Development & Communications

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Sarah Rowley (she/her)

Volunteer Manager

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Thomas Bernardi (he/him)

Pantry Assistant

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Board of Directors

  • Christopher Schenck


  • Nina Gerber


  • Casey White


  • Cathy Boyce

    Board Member

  • Alicia Howard

    Board Member

  • Elizabeth Kennedy

    Board Member

  • Kristina Smith

    Board Member

  • Matt Painley

    Board Member