Grow Produce

Did you know that you can donate fruits and vegetables from your garden or p-patch to the food bank? That’s right; we’re more than just a place for your canned goods. In fact, fresh fruits and vegetables are among the most popular foods that we offer our customers, so produce donations are especially important.

When you’ve eaten your weight in zucchinis, when the tomatoes are going to rot on the vine before you can get to them all, and when your co-workers don’t want any more of your kale, just remember the food bank. We have convenient donation drop-off hours and there’s no need to even find parking.

And, next spring, when you’re planting your seeds and starts, plant an extra row for the food bank. You’ll hardly notice the little bit more you need to water and weed, but boy will we notice when you drop off that extra large load of garden fresh vegetables.

Need some tips to make your garden and your giving more bountiful? Our friends at Lettuce Link have assembled a few resources to help you out.