Volunteer Spotlight: Steven

stevennewSteven Reynaldo has been volunteering at the Food Bank for about eight hours a week since November 2014. He started his volunteering career at Food Lifeline, where his shift manager recommended he check out the U District Food Bank.  In the past six months, Steven has truly gone above and beyond in his service to the Food Bank and our customers.

You can usually find him amidst the hustle and bustle of the back room of the Food Bank where he is hard at work sorting donations, restocking food, helping unload boxes from the van, organizing display shelves, and doing any task that is needed.  Steven has also taken on the role of recruiter; So far he’s brought in 15 volunteers, many of them his fellow classmates and members of the Taiwanese Student Association at Shoreline Community College. “People always ask me what I’m doing when I’m not at school, so I tell them to come check it out for themselves.”

When asked about his favorite part of volunteering at the Food Bank, Steven simply replies, “It feels good to help people.” He also enjoys getting to collaborate with many different types of people and building teamwork.