As reports and recommendations have been made about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) by the Seattle King County Public Health and CDC, we have made changes to our daily operations at the University District Food Bank.

Beginning March 12th until it is safe to resume normal operations, we have implemented temporary and precautionary changes to the walk-in food bank in order to minimize the spread of the virus and to help protect vulnerable populations, our customers, volunteers, and staff.

While we have suspended normal operations of the food bank, there have been no known cases of COVID-19 reported at the food bank. We will continue to update via our website and social media if any further changes are made.

Rather than closing completely, our team of volunteers and staff members will be assembling and distributing food boxes to our customers. Thank you for your patience in advance.


Food bank: We will be pausing all shopping inside our building and in place we will be handing out premade boxes of non-perishable and perishable items that will be distributed outside of the food bank. Please be aware of signs explaining where to queue, where to check-in and how to collect your food.

  • If you are sick please do not come to the food bank and ask for a friend, family member, aid, etc. to come in your place and bring your ID to check-in.
  • There will be no number distribution.
  • Customers will check-in at the door nearest to the garage.
  • Look for chalk marks on the sidewalk to the north (starting across our driveway) indicating where it is safe to stand.
  • Please maintain a 6′ distance from those around you. 
  • At check-in we will hand you a sheet to fill out your specific food preferences. Note any dietary restrictions and allergies that you have.
  • We will distribute groceries from our front doors.
  • When we are busy, it can take 10-20 minutes to assemble your bag of food. Feel free to walk around the block while you wait.
  • While you wait, please keep the sidewalk in front clear for pedestrians.
  • While you wait, please maintain a 6′ distance from those around you. We need your help keeping our space safe for everyone.
  • We are temporarily providing these prepared boxes of food so we do not have to close as an organization. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


TEMPORARY HOME DELIVERY DURING COVID-19: If you are a resident of our service area (zip codes 98102, 98103, 98105, 98112, 98115, and 98125) and are not able to come to the food bank because you are a member of an at-risk group, have household members who are at risk, or if you are currently under quarantine, we can provide you temporary emergency delivery of food. This delivery is temporary but is expected to continue for the duration of our COVID response. Please learn more and enroll here.

Mail: We will be providing mail services as normal. If you are only picking up mail go to the pickup station with your ID and ask for mail.

Community Connections: If you need to contact Liliya please call at (206)-523-7060×708 or email at liliya@udistrictfoodbank.org

Home Delivery: At this time the existing, Wednesday home delivery program will continue at its normal operations. To protect our volunteers and customers, we will only be delivering the box to your doorstep. We are currently unavailable to take on new customers for this. However, if you are a current customer and unable to come to the food bank for groceries, please consider the TEMPORARY COVID-19 DELIVERY PROGRAM described near the bottom of the left column on this page.

Packs for Kids: As Seattle Public Schools are closed, please contact Anya at anya@udistrictfoodbank.org to work out a weekend food solution for your students. Any participating Packs for Kids families are welcome to access our food bank, even if you are outside our service area. Please let the check-in volunteer know you are part of our program, and we will still provide you with food.

Donations: We are accepting and in need of your donations. If you have donations please bring them to the food bank at 5017 Roosevelt Way NE and enter through the garage. Please check our website on our Donate page for instructions and items needed. High need items: any hygiene/sanitary products (toilet paper, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, dental items, etc.), canned foods (protein and vegetable items), meat, other nonperishable items (pasta, oatmeal, rice, etc.), infant supplies, and paper bags with handles. Monetary donations are the most helpful.

Volunteers: Please continue to come in as you are willing and able. We ask that volunteers who are at a higher risk to please consider necessary precautions and temporarily suspend volunteer services. If you are sick, we ask you kindly to stay home and take care of yourself. We understand if you are unable to volunteer and we happily welcome you back once you are healthy and feel safe to do so. If you do need to stay home or cannot make your shift, please let us know in advance. Email hannah@udistrictfoodbank.org or call at (206)-523-7060×706.

Please follow us on our website and social medias, Twitter: @UDistFoodBank Facebook: @UDistrictFoodBank Instagram: @udistrictfoodbank as we continue to post updates.

Through this pandemic, we want to remain an important resource for our community. We hope these service changes can help us sustain our operations for you. Thank you.