I Want to Help!

We’ve already raised more than two-thirds of our campaign goal! BUT, there is still much fundraising to be done and there are several key ways you can help

  • Make a multi-year pledge in support of our capital campaign.
  • Invite a Food Bank speaker to your club, community group, church group, PTA or any other organization that you belong to that could benefit from learning about this campaign.
  • Host your own open house in your business, home, or at The Food Bank to raise awareness and funds for the campaign. We even created a House Party Kit to help you host a successful event.

If you want to participate in any or all of these ways or if you just want to learn more, please be in touch. Your continued support of our work has helped our hungriest neighbors remain fed; your support of the Fight Hunger Build Hope campaign will enable us to amplify the strength of your past investments in new and important ways.


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