Campaign Donor Highlight: Jane & Peter Lamb

Jane & Peter Lamb

1. What aspect of the campaign are you most excited about?

The YouthCare apartments and the ability to integrate The Food Bank with other health care and social service providers. This helps get rid of the shotgun approach to our people in need.
2. How long have you been supporting the UDFB and why?

We found out about The Food Bank when my sister started working there in the 2000’s. She told me about your programs and what you do, and I got excited because hunger in our country in this day and age is unacceptable. In 2008, we started giving our “Milk Money” donations — $2,500 every five weeks for the Food Bank to buy fresh milk. We like knowing that milk is always available for Food Bank shoppers.

3. What would you tell someone thinking about making a gift to Fight Hunger Build Hope?

Anyone who has the means should remember that others who don’t are really suffering and in almost all cases, it’s no fault of their own that they’re in need. The “pull themselves up with their bootstraps” mentality is so ridiculous. Those bozos need to put themselves in the bootstraps of others.


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