Donor Feature: Lar & Dorothy

FritchLar and Dorothy Fritchs’ home in the Lake City neighborhood is surrounded by fruit trees, berry thickets, rows of peas, strawberries, garlic, lettuce, and more. Since 2008, they have expanded their gardens to around 900 square feet in cultivation. For the past three seasons, they’ve planned for overabundance and donate to the Food Bank whatever they can’t eat themselves.

In 2014 they were able to offer us 150 pounds of fresh produce. Lar’s motivation for growing food can be explained by a simple philosophy: “I don’t like lawn,” he says. They have always enjoyed growing vegetables and the impact it can have in their community.

Their vision for the future is to expand the garden further, removing any traces of lawn, and get more people in their neighborhood involved who are interested in growing food but don’t have the space. Dorothy’s goal is to “change the neighborhood one child at a time by getting them hooked on the taste of fresh vegetables.” When neighborhood children pass by the house, Lar and Dorothy offer them fresh produce, hoping the children will then go home and tell their parents they want their own garden.

Lar and Dorothy’s commitment to growing food as a means of shaping their community is clear. Thanks to Lar and Dorothy and all our supporters who allow us to offer the best in locally grown fresh produce to our customers!


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